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Partnership with the Government

Anjali is the first organization in the country to work in partnership with the state government of West Bengal , operating inside the state hospital premises, using state infra-structure and professionals, rather than creating parallel systems such as a half-way home. This strategy has ensured optimal use of available resources and ensured that the state does not withdraw from its responsibility towards health especially for most marginalized communities.

Anjali has been able to reach out extensively to poor and middle class patients of mental illness in rural and suburban West Bengal, riding on the extensive flank of the state-run health systems. Since there is a strong tendency to not spend family/personal resources on mental patients, there is acute dependency on subsidized government care for the mentally ill. Thus, Anjali sees a strategic advantage in re-directing an existing system of care, rather than creating new systems.

While the rehabilitation and re-integration of recovered patients in half-way homes costs approximately USD 2100 per patient, per year, Anjali’s services total to USD 870 per person, per year, due to its partnership with the government health systems. Another important reason to partner with government hospitals emerges from the acknowledgement that state institutions have historically oppressed and abused people with mental illness. Anjali introduces innovative therapies and curative interventions within the functioning of an entrenched state system of health care, while at the same time, critiquing government practices through its advocacy programs. Over time, we at Anjali have learnt to maintain a fine balance of confrontation and support with the government.