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Over 5 years, Anjali has developed an adaptive blueprint for collaborating with existing health infrastructure to build inclusive systems of care and treatment for people with acute mental illness in India. Our blueprint is also well customized for people who are institutionalized or under custodial care in vagrant and beggar’s homes, homes for destitute children, prisons etc. in India, South East Asia and Latin America – regions with similar cultural milieu.

Anjali is now ready to collaborate with organizations across the country to replicate its model. Our hope is that our partners will take the model to its optimal impact, adapt it to meet regional variations and develop many innovations and ingenuities that far surpass all the active inventing that Anjali has done so far on the ground .

Anjali’s approach to scaling its experience will not be in the mode of starting offices and branches across India, but of building independent, credible partnerships and developing national footprints of mental health initiatives that are based on ideas, values and approaches similar to that of Anjali.

Anjali also plans to build new leaders and new development perspectives in the field of mental health. Anjali plans to now establish a one-stop comprehensive Mental Health and Human Rights resource center that will

  • Stock academic literature, books, films, advocacy materials, press reportage (from India and other countries) on mental health and human rights
  • Conduct and facilitate action research on the service quality standards of mental hospitals and half-way homes in India
  • Run training courses and small fellowships for professionals from civil society, the media (filmmakers, photographers), lawyers and students (especially from law schools and schools of social work) who wish to integrate mental health into their current area of work
  • Facilitate and run learning exchange programs for social justice activists and professionals at different levels on mental health initiatives across the country