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Lattoo - A youth leadership initiative in the field of mental health and human rights

Mission of Lattoo

Building youth advocacy, leadership and action for systemic change in the field of mental health and human rights.

Lattoo aims to build real connections on the ground between mental health issues, human rights and youth development. In the long run, through an interlocking series of trainings (level 1 and 2), fellowships and small grants and an academy for human rights and mental health, we hope to start up new social justice ideas and young social change leaders in West Bengal. This will deepen civic engagement and create a fun and robust environment for young people to take risks, claim public spaces, access mentors and allow them the experience of change making.

Lattoo Training level 1 – The first dynamic entry point for young people between 17-21 years into the world of mental health and human rights, transacted through a 50 hour curriculum that runs on the twin axis of

  • Self – skills - society and
  • Mental health - Human Rights - Leadership and Action project

Lattoo Training level 2 - An intensive leadership development program for 10-15 participants who graduate every year from the Lattoo training level 1. At the Lattoo training level 2, young people will access the enabling experience of launching a social venture in their localities/communities and seed mid to long-term individual or group projects in any area of social justice.

Lattoo Academy and Lattoo Challenge - The Lattoo Academy will be a series of 4 bilingual week-end training institutes (spread over a month) and is intended for young students/trainees in the development sector, media, performing and visual arts, lawyers, academicians, doctors etc. Through the Academy, Lattoo will stress on how young people can remain located within their mainstream professions and yet take the movement for the rights of people with mental illness ahead. As a carry forward to the Academy, Lattoo will also offer small fellowships, the Lattoo Challenge, to 5-8 participants to translate their learning into concrete initiatives on the ground.

Lattoo Republic - Every year all Lattoo participants will come together in a one-day celebration of youth action for social change. The Lattoo Republic, the first public celebration of its kind in Kolkata. The Lattoo republic will be a space of collaboration and partnerships between all Lattoo participants and partners; bringing the diverse youth profiles we work with, together on one platform for a public felicitation of their work and leadership abilities.

Would you like to be our associate?

  • As a mental health professional/sociologist/academician you can be our resource person.
  • As a part of the corporate sector you can be our sponsor.
  • As an educational institution you can be our partner in the program.
  • As a NGO/CBO working with the youth, you can collaborate with us.

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