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Inside Government Hospital

Anjali’s Operational Model inside Government Mental Hospitals

  • Patients are referred to Anjali by the medical officers in charge
  • We consult with doctors on the case history of the referred patients and corroborate the same with nurses and ward attendants
  • Doctors evaluate participants with psychiatric assessment tools, based on which Anjali maps suitable therapies for the patients. The therapies start.
  • Records are maintained over 6 months, 12 months, 18 months and 24 months
  • Patients are re-evaluated based on their progress. Due changes in medication and dosage is prescribed
  • Anjali begins enquiries about the participant’s families. If the hospital has insufficient records and there are no visitors from home –Anjali tracks down the original address and establish contact with the family
  • Team Anjali meets with the patients family and records its financial situation, its social standing in the local community, attitude towards the recovered patient and stigma indicators within the community
  • Anjali involves key local influencers and involves them in the process of re-integration, so that acceptance is established
  • Acceptance and readiness to take back the participants is facilitated by sharing information on the disease and the assurance of regular follow-up care
  • Meanwhile, the recovered participant is prepared for her re-integration through a series of customized therapies
  • The re-integrating process is then started and clear instructions given to the family and the participant about her medication needs
  • Anajli team visits regularly for follow up
  • Wherever possible, Anjali facilitates job placement and/or assists the participant to run a small enterprise. Additionally, Anjali networks with doctors (including psychiatrists) for free service to our clients after reintegration. We also have legal experts offering legal aid (including and up to fighting cases) for our clients in case of disputes over property, job and so on